In Third World, nations the leadership is designed in such a way to create control, to accumulate resources to the center, wanting to hold on in a way that everyone is placed at the mercy of government. The resources of the third world and the advanced nations is not much of a difference; the difference is in the distribution or what I call flow. The health of a nation is the ability to create a flow of resources and benefits in a just and fair manner.

When a river is stopped and dammed, it begins to gather volume and weight until it grows into a massive and impressive proportion. It gets to a volume size that it becomes dangerous to the neighbourhood. This is how large and impressive our leadership system looked like, large and impressive but dangerous to the society.

Whenever a river keeps its flow, it serves much useful purposes. It creates more life around it. A flowing river may look lean compared to the dammed one but at the end, it serves much useful purposes.

We need to keep a lean government and make it less attractive by creating a new kind of attraction. We need to change the rule of play in a way that it will attract more participation from the citizens. We need to device means of sharing and distribution in the spirit of fairness and equity. We need to get things done by the right person and get certain and equitable dividends across to the right person. A contented man in his own world is not easily enticed by hazardous adventure of militancy or terrorism no matter the fortune entailed. I have come to know that the average man is easily satisfied once his basic needs are met.

Terrorism is spawned by poverty and imbalances.

Take away frustration from your people, give them their land, and give them their place and what is due to them. This is what the average man will always demand: enough to live by and power to express self when there is need. This should be the soul of governance and when this is done; loyalty and patriotism to national cause soar higher while retrogressive and vicious acts will be minimized.

When the people are well catered for, their interest brought to the fore and are empowered to be more and to do more, a nation rears up to become optimized for productivity with far greater output than the initial invested input. Once there is a flow, most conflicts and agitation will naturally subside.

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