GAME CHANGER has an innovative reward system for people who want to make an impact


Secret Opportunity on how you can do it to transform your financial life forever.

No message of freedom is complete without empowering members into a life of abundance.

Our core drive is creating FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE

Elevate your life by becoming a Game Changer Ambassador!

Follow our dynamic video training, grasp the essence, and participate actively for a transformative journey. Spread the influence by sharing content with friends, creating a viral impact that reaches millions swiftly.

As ambassadors, climb the ranks from one level of influence to another. Invite others, and as a peak performer, earn as much as 60% from a coordinating center. Watch your network flourish as it extends, turning you into a coordinator at various levels.

As you grow with us, we offer you videos and material that empowers you in various ways from inspiration, leadership and to a life of financial freedom

Unleash the power of our social enterprise, where passion meets trade. Game Changer Project is not just about change; it’s about building your wealth and leadership capacity through as many who choose to be part. Join us on a unique journey that rewards you consistently as you develop from one level to another.

Upon expressing interest, receive a soft copy of “The Game Changer for National Transformation” book, comprehensive slide materials, and continuous access to informative videos. Empower yourself and be part of a movement shaping a new nation and society.

If you are ready to grow with the system. Register today.

You can own (clone) the same system. This program will end in your hands like owning a franchise with Coca-Cola, Shoprite, KFC, etc. It depends on you. A system like this ones and the one we will be showing you don’t fail! This is easier and cheaper.

It is like owning a cow. All you need do is nurture it and it will continue to give you milk day-in-day-out. This is what a system does. Little work and it continues to yield to you, based on the level of nurturing. Here we will be offering you a cash-cow. What you will make out of it depends on you.

We have spent millions to get the project to this stage.

  • The labour
  • The design
  • The contents
  • The technology
  • Ongoing supports

In addition, we have created an automated funnel for you. A funnel is like a widening spiral or boomerang that starts small and enlarges with time. If you understand this, happy are you. This program peaks by helping you to generate up to 4-streams of income through our social enterprise program; I mean FOUR (4) if you are committed to following our model to the end.

Above all, you are not starting from scratch. We have done all the stressful and brainy part of the work needed to keep you flying.

Once again,

No product.

No new followers needed beside a few ones

No dime on an advert

No special skills

No fanciful degree

Any location will do

Answer to A New Lifestyle

Fulfilling Your Passion Beyond 8-5 work?

Do you want to be in control of your life?

Wants new income?

Do you just want a side income with multiple streams potential?

Do you want to build aside, a retirement income?

Plus an online lifestyle?

We are a group and team promoting the transformation of our realm through our individual contributions as we build on the ideology of the book: THE GAME CHANGER FOR NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION authored by WALE ADEWUMI and its supporting projects/programs by our team of consultants/partners.

We are like the regular Nigeria who had our share of struggles and pains; such pains partly afflicted by the failed system and directionless leadership in our part of the world, yet we are ready to do something positive with our pains. We have that silent voice whispering within us that despite all these when we decide to move on in life, NO FORCE can stop us. If you believe this, you are a kinsman.

Our book works, public presentations, public works and radio events are testimonies that we can move on and succeed if we would not give up.


For more than 2-decades, We have been running diverse projects and campaigns on societal transformation.

Now we are repositioned to impact like a boomerang:

This project is NEW and offers you the opportunity to move outside of the arena of BRUTAL COMPETITION… We stand OUT

How am I sure this will make you money?

Society needs improvement, empowerment and income. A system that could offer this will be welcomed any time.

Our core drive is creating FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE

The cost for putting our website, contents, technology and brand together is in records of Millions of Naira. This is designed as our token to drive our society on the course of FREEDOM AND ABUNDANCE

To receive an e-copy of the book: The Game Changer for National Transformation and Game Changer Speed Wealth Manual and access to slide training towards your leadership career as a Game Changer Ambassador, pay in #2,500.00 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira)



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0040126306


After Bank payment text or WhatsApp 08033750871 with name on the payment receipt for clearance.

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