From the North to the South and East to West of Nigeria, we need the emergence of strong leaders in different sectors who apply The Game Changer Way principles. We have created tools and programs to help you make great impact as a leader/executive using our transformational tools? Being a Game Changer Executive/Fellow will help you realize this with much ease. Bring The Game Changer Way into your organization today.

The Game Changer Way is a principle that promotes individual’s greatness and personal drive towards advancement by recognizing the inherent leadership capacity in individuals and spurring it to the alpha level. Thus we want to use it as a driver for activation of organizational, corporate and national rebirth. We understand the power of influence of one person who is adequately furnished with leadership principle on organizations.

The game Changer Executive/Fellow program helps you to be outstanding

On this premise, our focus is: productivity, human capital development, and outstanding performance. If you are hungry for an organization that stands out buy into the principle of transformation embedded in The Game Changer Way.

We want Game Changer Executives who are comprised of leaders and influential persons in organized sectors and industries in Nigeria: business leaders, religious leaders, proprietors of schools, labour leaders who aspire to become exceptional leaders that make impression using The Game Changer Way principles as transformational tools.

The role of the executives is to become vital in weaving the principles of The Game Changer way into the fabric of their organization in order to achieve measures of transformation, growth and unprecedented greatness.

To be an executive, this is the process:

  1. You will be sent a copy of the book: The Game Changer for National Transformation
  2. One year weekly leadership support system plus mentoring program using The Game Changer Way principle.
  3. Build an ongoing relationship for growth and high level impacts in your organization.
  4. 1-Year Mentor/support program.

The executives are offered immense opportunities. This further include: Leadership development and challenging opportunity for growth within and outside the organization, etc.

The Game Changer Way is our redefining platform for leaders who make impact. The program goes with all-round the year mentor/support program access.

Some of the Contents to Game Changer Executive:

  1. Overview of The Game Changer Book
  2. Mindset of top performers
  3. The character and attitude of top performers
  4. Leveraging your performance
  5. Competition versus Creativity
  6. Detail modus operandi of The Game Changer Way
  7. Understanding The Game Changer Way as it applies to organizations
  8. And many insightful benefits of becoming a Game Changer Executive

The cost of being a Game Changer Executive Member is #50,000 and this runs for 1year along with our success/performance tracking program.

Make payment of #50,000.00 to become a Game Changer Executive – (You can also become an Executive or Fellow by having direct or indirect invitees of 200 associate)

For Inquiry: 08033750871, 08118617581


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