Based on intrinsic leadership and productivity principles inherent in the book, THE GAME CHANGER FOR NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION, we have distinguished cadres to reach different classes of people. Look at that which is most suitable to you as we award you certificate of recognition/award along with continuous leadership development program for another three months.


We have condensed nuggets of ideals of effective leadership and performance for each category though with some elements of similarities. We believe that leadership principles are adaptable from one organization to another.

Leadership and productivity concepts are the same whether in military, business, organization or governance. Therefore, we have crystallized leadership and productivity packages respectively for transforming organizations using our carefully researched models: Ours is a work of more than twenty (20) years put together to help your leadership team.

Lead your way

Lead your team

Lead your organization

With a different kind of training and talk: Apply the Game Changer rules to personal and organizational leadership and productivity.

Lead your way

Lead your team

Lead your company

Our concept of leadership is an ideology based program making the shift from Top-Down leadership principle to Bottom-Up concept which operates on inclusive leadership principle through the ranks. By adopting the bottom-up approach, an organization raises more leaders with ease as it elicits participation and supports from its personnel.

Contents Infused into the Program Include

  1. The sustainable model: Understanding the Bottom-Up principle
  2. The concept of Game Changer
  3. The flow as determinant to sustainability
  4. The 4 Kinds of Leaders using global examples
  5. The Boomerang leadership concept
  6. Dealing with prejudices through effective reward system
  7. Becoming leader of leaders
  8. The organized transformation

We do believe that leadership training of this kind is rare due to its innovation and its emerging usefulness as world-class training.

Contact Us today if you want to become a Game Changer Leader with new influence in your world

Our concept of influence is rare due to its innovation and its emerging usefulness as world-class program developed after the best in the world.

 “The Game Changer Transformation Leadership Award is a new initiative launched on the heel of the book bearing the same name. The concept presents compelling anatomy of bottom-up change as a panacea for individuals, corporate, societal and national transformation by building a bulwark of strong leaders, creating a paradigm shift towards leadership capacity, productivity and effective ideological implementation. This is a tool that hugely gives credence to bottom-line empowerment as the foundation to preeminence as a leader.

On this premise, we want to enlist Transformation Leaders who will adopt the concept of leadership principle as ingrained in the book as a means to personal, personnel, organizational and national rebirth.


  1. To enhance the principle of personal leadership as foundational to public performance
  2. To share core strategy of becoming effective and influential leader in ones organization
  3. To help transform your core values into a campaign and a clarion call
  4. To raise leaders who make mark in time: Those who become drum major of a new corporation and society
  5. To raise Game Changer Ambassadors as frontline leaders in organizations

The concept promoted is in tandem with The World Bank model of transformation leadership as reflected in citizenship engagement citing instances of public and private leadership impact in communities and nations.


  1. Emerging Leaders Award: This program is an Online/Offline Training for anyone or group aspiring to become leaders with influence in any organization. This is a leadership making program. This is appropriate for emerging leaders and management trainees. Program Fee: #25,000.00 – Free for Associates at Level 2
  2. Executive Leadership Award: This program is an Online/Offline Training for managers, executives and officers in organizations. Discussion will be centered on issues bordering on their level of leadership. Program Fee: #50,000.00 -Free for Associates at Level 4.
  3. Citizenship Centered Leadership: This is designed for highly placed civil servants, government officials, and politicians who are already in leadership capacity or the other. Program Fee: #50,000.00 – Free for Associates at Level 6.
  4. Legacy Leadership Award: This is for personalities and public figures. It is designed as interactive program to compare leadership models and the concept we tag “Legacy Leadership Ideals”. It is about transformation leadership. Program Fee: #100,000.00 – Free for Associates at Level 7.
  5. VIP (Tourism) Leadership Program: This is for personalities and public figures who want to go in group or join an existing group for an holiday-based coaching/retreat through traveling agent of choice. It is designed as a tourism based vacation training packaged for organizations who want a global perspective to The Game Changing rules in leadership. Program Fee: $1,000.00.



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