The Game Changer Project is an ongoing developmental concept with the purpose of rolling out programs and ideas that will help advance societal growth through educationally-based products such as training, seminars, presentations and coaching.

Some immediate programmes emanating from The Game Changer Project include

  1. *Life and Leadership Program for Schools
  2. *Productivity and Career Development Programs
  3. *Smart Wealth Program
  4. Corporate Leadership Program
  5. Game Changer in Governance and Policy Formulation

*** Take any of our programs from 1-3 to participate in our Learn, Lead & Earn program through a peer-to-peer influence.

We use the Game Changer model in our training, coaching, development and programs

Life and Leadership Development for Schools

This program is designed to help raise students who perform optimally academically. The extended purpose is to help raise Game Changers and the next generation leaders. Read more…

Productivity and Career Development Program for the Workforce

This program is designed for career minded people and for the workplace. Strengthening the capacity of employee and making every single person take responsibility at the workplace; as representing a game changer at work. This is designed for job seekers alike and individuals who want to be on the top of his or her career. Read more…

Smart Wealth Program

This is aimed at educating individuals towards becoming financially free. The program entails models, activities and designs to guide us into sustainable finances. Read more…

Leadership Programs

This is designed to help each member of your organization become a leader, so that you may all succeed, transform and sustain the organization. A system where everyone takes ownership and give forth value, evolve and grow forward; as everyone applies the bottom-up principle at the workplace. Read more…

Game Changer in Governance and Policy Formulation

We engage in crafting policy in a way that engages and elicits community and citizen participation. Politicians and government leaders can engage us to transform a failing but beneficial policy or program into a winning one. Read more...

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