Government has become a lucrative power house where the greatest robbery has been instituted to steal from the people. The government should be for the people but in our case, it is the reverse whereby the people are to serve the government; a service that deify the government and the holders of power. It is noteworthy to consider this: no one will know rest when things are run in disorderly manner.

The upsurge of Boko Haram menace in Nigeria is a reflection of what we are saying. It might seem to have started on the wing of religious extremism but a closer look revealed a people seeking for expression and recognition. They only create a camouflage through the religions platform. The leaders of Boko Haram have seen the picture of grandeur, wealth and power accorded to the central government, so they wanted a taste of that even though in a crude way; this was why they strived to carve out a caliphate of their own. To their followers, they gave a bloated picture of religious hopes but the inner circle knows it is a thirst for power and control. This is how you come to know the genuineness of their leaders: How many of the leaders ever take the task of voluntary suicide bombing expeditions? Thousands have died in the wake of the bedeviled giant called Boko Haram.

We need to remember that Boko Haram has politicians who sponsor their notoriety. It was said that some of their kingpins were once thugs of the rich politicians.

Not to go too far. In the South-South region of Nigeria we do have knowledge of how militancy was reared.

Some camps of politicians were jostling for the central control of governorship seat while the incumbent fought to retain the office and other contenders also fight dirty to take over. Each group went forth to fortify themselves by recruiting, training and equipping their mercenaries of death. It was thirst for power and control that gave life to the angel of death called militancy.

The list continues of the ills that non-serendipitously crept in from the government and style of governance.

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