Subtitled: The Real Change Nigeria Needs

Reviewed by The Game Changer Team

The Game Changer for National Transformation is a book written by WALE ADEWUMI through a research work spanning about twenty years focusing on finding sustainable model for tackling the underlying challenges of growth and development of the nation. This model was submitted in an assessment during The World Bank course – “Engaging Citizens: A Game Changer for Development” and was scored with distinction. Convinced with this model, the author proceeds to deliver this book as a condensed principle of national rebirth and transformation using Nigeria as a case study.

The first chapter goes directly to unveil the menacing root cause of Nigeria misgovernment at all level as a result of an underlying unwholesome script which has predated our independence. We need to go back to our foundation which over the years has laid a siege on our mindset; and this mindset affects leadership delivery in all sectors.

Chapter two gives insight into the effect of the script that predates our National Independence in 1960. But unfortunately, many of our leaders are grappling with the effect, and in spite of all they have done they are unable to bring desirable change that has been the clamour of the citizens, even with the best intention. The question is not when are we going to get it right, but when are we going to understand the trouble ailing the nation.

Anybody with a national mission to transform Nigeria must consult with history and find this subtle script by the colonial master. To undo this is to overhaul many of the present day’s style of governance in the nation. On this premise, it is crystal clear that no meaningful impact could be achieved going by the direction of leadership over the years because the subsequent governments have been building on a weak foundation; window dressing a faulty system. This is why many interventional programs could not be sustained and no leader can succeed in developing our national estates with the present frame.

Nigeria problem is more than a leadership challenge but of a subtle script which has infused with our minds and way of doing things. The leadership seed could even be of best quality, but the ground has to be worked upon.

Subsequent chapters show us  how we can become part of the transformation and rise up as the drum major of our desirable rebirth and laying emphasis on the process of true rebranding principles which is participatory and people driven: the desired change must start with each of us.

It is noteworthy to know that the failure of government is primarily due to the ownership status of instrument of power, a consistently untoward lack of strategies and sophistication in leading the nation. The shift should be from a top-down leadership principle to bottom-up empowering structure of governance. The top-down structure we have been using since independence has created a giant headed government with weak citizens beneath; and the sooner we rectify this system the better in order to avert imminent crash.

The book further gives insight into the concept of restructuring, quota system, resource control and the likes in a most simplify way that would allay the fear of any part of the country. Simply put, let everyone begin to plant his own seed and each given full right to his harvest. Any nation that feeds on the sweat of another or compensates the weak at the expense of the strong can never kiss greatness but confusion.

A rich discourse took place in Chapter Four where different leadership concept is graphically illustrated with case studies from different parts of the world along with leadership personalities of note. Their strengths and weaknesses were recounted and the reasons why many of the great leaders could not build sustained legacies were enumerated. Using the stratification, Nigeria is largely classified as a Nation of Dwarfs. If your dream is to become an iconic leader, it is good you lay your hand on the book to discover for yourself why some leaders tower above others even when they are dead. Always bear in mind that leadership capacity is learnable and applicable to all human endeavours.

The book also invoke the spirit of productivity by encouraging a shift from consumerism to productivity driven economy with strong affirmation that we should do all we could to produce enough to meet our needs. A strong and sufficient person is averse to stealing. High level productivity is the cure for corruption. Pleasure without labour leads to slavery: the position of the Third World countries.

We are encouraged to drop such sentiments built around ideologies, religious beliefs, ethnicity, and corruption which are retrogressive to growth of any nation. A country will rise or fall to the level of her leadership competence; therefore we are to hold on to right kinds of leaders irrespective of background, tribe or religion. No one will allow an incompetent medical doctor do surgery procedure on him in the name of being a kin. Therefore, the art of nation building should be decided on the altar of competence. For he who protects your interest is your closest kin.

The book did not fail to deal a deadly blow to The Big Dirty Game in governance:  The game of politics which has been smeared by prejudices, lies, greed and purposelessness by diverse groups headed by political entrepreneurs, self-serving elders and the likes. Let us bear it in mind: As a leader is so is his performance and the means to winning an election is the means to sustaining it. A corrupt process cannot produce great leadership.

The book climax when it states: A big blunder subsists when a leader believes that he is the one bringing changes to the led. This is untrue, the change you want, the development, the grand society is within the people. Ignorance of what leadership and governance means has rendered many of our officials clueless in their appointments. Authority is only useful to the extent that it gives individuals opportunity for development, expression, enlargement and pursuit of his life’s goals. Extolling and enhancing the expression of the good in citizens is the pathway to national development. Leaders should know that there is latent capability within each citizen to do good, grow and expand.

The book is a substantive real change model for creating an inclusive message which predates the government’s change mantra; and it outlasts it. This is because the book is not a politically inspired message nor does it have any special political affiliation. It is a design that has you in mind.

As beautiful as it is to create individual and personal change, we need to understand that man advances his activities and thrive better through organized community. Thus, we should understand that change cannot be carried out on solo mode, we need to leverage with existing platforms of organizations, corporations, sectors, and communities. Therefore, through this book, we are calling out to all interest groups, stakeholders, corporate entities and sectors of the government to embrace the inherent concept of this book as a grail to transform Nigeria starting from their respective ends.

The book: “The Game Changer for National Transformation” – The Real Change Nigeria Needs is written by WALE ADEWUMI (08033750871, 08118617581). He lives in Ibadan.

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