Nobody rise by suppressing others. This is evident in the Nigeria story and a lesson from historical Israel.

Some many years ago, Egypt enslaved Israel. They were the royalty of a kind, and Israel was the servant.

Over time, Israel gave birth to the strong species as Egypt brought forth weaklings. As we know in real life, pain leads to strength.

You cannot put somebody down forever, and as you do this you too remain down. We rise by lifting others.

Egypt’s adamant attitude to keep Israel as a slave perpetually broke the power of Egypt and led to many untold hardships and deaths.

Has this not been replicated in Nigeria? Is history not being rewritten? Is the supposed ruling section of Nigeria at peace? Are they not breeding weakness through the ranks?

When you make somebody believe that he doesn’t need to be competent to get things, you destroy such a clan, tribe or society.

Yes, an idiot could be a ruler, it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s an idiot.

Look at the supposed ruling tribes:

What kind of children do they litter abroad? The ruler that gives birth to offspring of slaves to the world needs to know that he is a slave. These same children behave like barbarians in the 21st Century, yet they claim to own the entire land.

I do think it’s a befuddled mind that believes he can own and grab lands. No mortal owns any land. The land is leased out for as long as we are alive. Let the warring tribes stop killing and striving for lands that are not theirs; it further makes them a pariah in Nigeria.

Rulers who thought that all he needs is to plunder the rest is all he needs, also need to be schooled that nature balances injustice.

The unseen hand of God moves around the world to right wrong and bring justice on the earth eternally. He who is evil, let him remain as evil and he who is good should remain as good. Everyone will be amply rewarded, it’s just a matter of time.

Let us humble our souls and look critically: The leaders of our realm, over the years had more out-of-school children. This same tribe sustained unwholesome policies that keep Nigeria down (quota system).

Go to this end you will find a land reeked of blood, unrest, violence, banditry, and terrorism spawned like a tale of horror in an Arabian story.

Do we talk about recent plagues of locusts and birds affecting their farmlands in certain states? How about strange sicknesses that plague even their innocent kids; innocent because they are not yet adequately indoctrinated as grabbers.

When leaders have evil hearts, they end up hurting their kin and Kindred. You cannot murder sleep and you find sleep.

You cannot keep others down and rise.

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