Abuse of our Diversity


Exclusivity in diversity, a growing tool of APC; is a time bomb to disintegrate Nigeria.

To exalt a tribe as the decider of the fate of the rest is inimical to a truly federal system. It antagonizes the Game Changer model.

We cannot decide the fate of a nation as diverse as Nigeria based on tribal supremacy or number. This will be like a dead fish that begins to decay from the head.

May we not sink a beautiful nation of ours through the greed of a group. May history not count you among those who destroy our heritage.

An emerging model for sustaining growth and development will never be achieved by anyone when we sidetrack a group in a diverse society.

Also, when we celebrate a majority based on their power to help win a vote we have inadvertently elevated them to the status of a god. That is a cankerworm in a truly federal system.

We cannot continue to rely on a system that has not yielded fruits since the nation’s independence: building numbers for the mere purpose of winning power and stealing resources of other tribes. This is daylight robbery. It must stop.

If our major tribes are mere gladiators who relish in their power to win votes and not in another way of contributing to healthy growth and development we are doomed.

In an advanced society, you don’t inscribe illegality in the constitution that gives room for the oppression of one another in a federal system. It’s time we expunge such or everyone goes back to his camp.

It’s a cheap way of handing over our souls to a tribe and asking them to do to us as they like.

If Tinubu wins an election by bowing to the supremacy of a tribe he cannot fulfil his best blueprints but that of the power that installs him. Often majority do go wrong.

We want a leader who will win on the bases of harmonizing our diversity. This might be a project beyond 2023. Yet, we have to start building a structure for such a society. Until then, it’s going to be Monkey Republic in a pseudo-military imposed unitary system of government, headed by a baboon.

We are not yet in a democracy. We are sold deceit.

We are not slaves. The least of the tribes aren’t slaves in Nigeria. So, we should give everyone a space for expression and recognition. Only then do we step into a democracy.

The essence of a truly federal system is to protect the weak from the strong, and help the weak to be stronger based on equity, not equality.

A federal government is designed to help every member or group benefit from diversity. It also does not give room for plundering and looting of the smaller members.

In a system whereby the strong take advantage of the smaller tribes and ravishes based on the number, then it is questionable. We cannot continue this way. No, we cannot.

On a final note: APC after 8 years has not improved the healthy structure of a balanced federal system. Instead, it enhances the supremacy of a tribe and the dominant groups.

Instead of healing the schism in a diverse society as ours, bloated with ego, we are told to go to hell😀.

They made me remember foolish King Rehoboam who tore the kingdom of his fathers.

Will APC turn out to be a Rehoboam?

I am not a politician but a statesman.

A statesman points the way. This is the way.

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