We could say that it is not important who leads us as a nation in terms of religious affiliation. But not at this time.

The challenge we are set to have at this moment of a Muslim-Muslim ticket will further entrench the legitimacy of the pursuit of the extreme groups of Islamic fanatics. This we will not continue to watch.

The APC Vice President candidate is from Borno State, the very hotbed of terrorism.

Could it be that APC is seeking to pacify the terror group? They should rethink. It is like telling the lion to stop drinking blood because there’s enough straw in the store.

Terror only answers to terror. You don’t bow to terror else you end up its slave.

APC cannot seek to befriend terror and expect Nigeria to be quiet. Why do you think under our watch, a group of terrorists break a prison at the FCT without a fight and the rest of us will keep quiet. Afterward, no head rolls and things go back to normalcy. Are we saying that APC is a friend to terrorists?

The government has to answer to this. We need an answer.

The Islamic terror group hasn’t hidden their intentions of taking over power at the centre. Now we are getting closer to the climax of all things.

After the next cascading events of tumult (for power is not easily given) peace will follow.

For evil men will no longer rule Nigeria

One thing I know for sure is this if we don’t tread carefully this nation may implode with splinter nations. For I do know for sure, that no region is superior to others in deciding the fate of the rest of us.

For when we stand for the right thing, we become free.

It is time: We would need to go onboard to redefine the type of Federal System we are practising where only one region decides who leads us

I know we are in an interesting time.

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