Justice System in Nigeria – Foundation of the Nation’s Challenges


Judgement with impunity leads to regression of the value of a society.

A nation where the judges tinker with the law and judgement to suit their sentiments will continue to spiral into anarchy.

Such a society gives birth to people of the base character. This is why banditry, terrorism, corruption and such vices have come to roost in Nigeria; because the evil men know for sure the way to buy their ways out.

The judges become friends with evil men as the good people go into hiding. We should no longer wonder about the alarming rate of growth of evil in our country. The judges have hands in it; a vobvious truth.

When the looter knows that he will have a covering of a judge so far money will cross hands, he will not be afraid to loot the nation to the skin

An example of the wrong use of the law is Plea Bargain. In this, somebody embezzled #32 billion. Then you asked him to go pay whatever he has and to serve two years in prison.

This has emboldened stealing and corruption in Nigeria because the judgement on plundering national resources has been relaxed.

The new language is, steal enough and pay the judge enough to cover your tracks. Judges now abate stealing and corruption – a partner in the destruction of our common heritage.

Another example is electoral malpractice. Our judges find every means to favour their interests and the interests of those who grease their palms.

Here are some instances to consider as some of the judgement seem complex to understand for the common man:

In Imo state, the man who came forth turns out to be the governor.

In Bayelsa State, the deputy governor’s candidate has a flawed certificate. On this basis, they lost an election which was already won. In common thinking, what is sensible in judgement is to pass judgement on the soul that “sins”. The judge’s stand is that they own the joint ticket.

Now in another state: In Kogi, the governor died before the declaration of the result. The sensible thing is to push forward the deputy on the status of the joint ticket. Instead, they transferred the result to an entirely different person who lost to Audu.

We have gotten to a state in Nigeria where no one is certain of what is right. For this reason, many are afraid to go to court to seek redress.

The way out: there should be a tribunal to judge even the judges who misapply the laws.

Abuse of judgement should no longer be swept under the carpet.

A judge who frees corrupt politicians should be made to pay the losses back to the coffee of the state; at least a fifth (20%).

In some instances, a judge can be jailed, demoted or sacked if found to grossly abuse his office.

When judges and magistrates know that they are being watched, they will sit up.

When citizens know that there is no hiding place, vices reduce significantly.

When the innocent know that they will find redress at the law court, they will follow through with cases of injustice.

Gradually, peace will return to our society.

To heal the land, judgment must return to the land in fairness.

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