At the beginning of our search for success and wealth we often think money is supreme. If we didn’t cut corner, we will soon realize that the experiences on the journey called success and wealth is more important.

When we take time to build skills and develop the requisite experience, money will come for sure (if only we trust the process and never give up).

When you look back, you’ll thank God you never gave up; if only you didn’t give up on the way. Tough time never last but tough people do. Why tough people last is often because they finally gain all the experience necessary to change their stories.

If you persist you will learn all you need and easily you will cross over as the champion.

The knowledge, the skill, wisdom and experience is more than money. The reason is that when you lose money at hand, the experience and wisdom will help you launch again. But without the wisdom, financial loss may cripple one’s life for a lifetime.

Don’t rush getting more cash, but the underlying wisdom, that is, the secret of wealth.

With deep insight, you can build new empires even in the desert when you know what to do.


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