Few days ago I watched one Nigerian cartoon comedy called Tegwolo with my son. I am not much of a fan but this one captivated me. Tegwolo was the only child with a bicycle in a neighbourhood of the poor. In spite of the fact that his mom told him not to tell others the secret of their wealth, Tegwolo had a rethink. He told his friends and ended with this word that stayed in my mind: One person cannot form a convoy.

Wealth that is not spread chokes the owner.

When you are rich and you don’t have a convoy, it is miserable after the long haul and if you are not careful, one of the people you failed to help will bring you down just like one ignorant man can destroy the work of the wise. This is the problem in our bigger society; the children in the slum sometimes end up being the armed robber who ends the life of the rich guy from the wealthy neighbourhood.

Like Chief Obafemi Awolowo said: The children of the poor we fail to educate will become menace to the children of the rich.

The second example like that of Tegwolo the champion of Warri is Obi Cubana, a guy who had an ostentatious display of wealth during his mom’s burial ceremony. He had hundreds of guys around him who he had helped. According to the story, he literally helped more than a hundred of people to become millionaire (I am not particular about how they made the wealth here) but the spirit of sharing which led to his large convoy. In his time of need, they all came in their drove with spectacular spending. It became the talk of the town.

A convoy creates more security than to be a solo wealthy man, a solo brilliant fellow or a solo successful person. Be intentional about raising others. Don’t horde your success.

The secret of being extraordinary is to transfer or share what you have and bestow part to others. Show others how you got to where you are today; show them the pattern and blueprint. It is tragedy to succeed without successors.

Be a world changer, raise other people in your stead… raise your own convoy.

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