Like the corn, if you have put in all the efforts you can and have done all you should then rest. The farmer that rest in the confidence that hard labours are rewarded brings home the bumper harvest. The farmer doesn’t doubt the result after doing his part. If you have seen the doubting farmers, they reap scantily.

Those who pursue money and wealth grow poorer, but those who put in the hard labour get richer and more nourished. This is the difference between Nigeria and the Western Nations. Everybody want to corner wealth in Africa and they tend towards scarcity.

Forget about success, give out value and you shall grow wealthier and more prominent. Let us make our nation wealthier by productivity, hard work and impact.

When you know that just labour brings just result, you will want to plant quality seed and yield quality labour in order to have the best life can offer to you. But when you doubt, you cut corner and get hurt in the trail. The farmer that fails to put in the labour have no harvest to expect.

In addition, the farmer that goes every now and then to trouble the farm will not have maximum yield. I remember when we were young; we will go as often as possible to check the cobs of maize on a standing stalk. Then we realized later that those corns don’t do fine. In the same vein, to keep checking on the tubers beneath the ground lead the tubers to become stunted in growth.

As long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest time will never cease. This is all you need to bank on. If you believe this unerring principle, you wouldn’t be lazy and you will be committed to your work with all intensity and determination.

What you sow is what you will reap. Rest in this truth and you will be liberated.

In the face of uncertainty I have the confidence that my labour and love shall be rewarded in due season.

I will put in my best to life and my endeavours.



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