Once upon a time, a young educated man went back home to meet his illiterate mom in the village. This was after living in the city for a while and had grown poorer than his fellows who remained in the village and who never traveled out for once. He went back to his mother tattered and disturbed.

“Mother, why am I poorer even than my friends in the village. Am I under a curse?” The son asked his mother with concern.

His mom looked for a while, then she asked some questions from him: How many people’s name do you know in your street? How many people learn from you? How many people do you help to solve their problems right in the city? How many people depend on you to solve their problems around you?

The son told the mother that he is alone and minds his business right in the city to avoid problems of the city.

Mother told him: This is why you are poor and you will remain so until you change how you do things. It is not a matter of being under a curse; you will remain a failure until you begin to attend to the needs of men.

Solve more of people’s problems and you will come out of poverty; stay alone and grow poorer. People who gain wealth don’t stay alone and nobody succeeds alone.”

She adds: “Even Kamilu the yam farmer feeds many people in the city, which is why he is wealthy though he lives in the village.” This simple wisdom dazed the son and he went back to the city to attend to the needs of many. He began to solve people’s problems. The more he solved problems the wealthier he became.

Wealth answers to service, giving, sharing and helping others one way or the other.

Prayer alone will not change poverty to riches in individuals, societies and nations.

He who gives sparingly will gain sparingly.

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