A king once ruled in a far away country who was all powerful and great. He fought their battles and was well acclaimed as the deliverer of his realm. Pride enters into him and he began to live on the people with heavy hands.

He got to a point when he began to take the wives of his subjects and acquire wealth through illicit means. He thought he could have his ways forever. Unfortunately, one of his subjects in fits of rage brought out his gun and killed the king in broad day light.

Despite his greatness, his deficiency in character killed him.

The lesson is: Nobody flies on the wings of gifts, ability or talents alone. We all need a second wing – character for a sustained impact and influence on our world. This means to do great works without character will not take anyone far in life. The wings of endowment and character must go side by side.

This means that before we pursue greatness, gifts, or capacity we need to firstly develop our character and values. It is useless to get to the top and fall like pack of cards. Have a look at your career whether in organizations, politics or humanitarian endeavours. Do you attain the greater heights by character, scheming or pure ability.

Talents and gifts are not enough in life, you need matching character and right living. The reason why societies crumble isn’t because the people lack adequate training or education, but because they lack virtue and values.

Our nation, Nigeria has great people who are well read both home and abroad. Our sickness is basically that of skewed value system.

The Third Worlds are beneath not because of lack of resources and human endowment but because of cultural-like vices.

If you want to fly far in life, you would need to build outstanding character along with your natural or divine endowment. No bird flies with one wing.


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