For Schools (Transforming the Academic Environment for Optimum Output)

… a GameChanger Design


Every student’s dream is to be a high flyer. This is possible if every student will subject himself to simple academic principles and lifestyles that support optimum performance.

This is one of the reasons for creating this manual: as a learning guide for students because it will give them the edge and a head start. We hope this program will help raise the students’ performance and transform their character.

Understanding of the guiding principles and requirements tend to help students do better

A society is as good as the quality of education imparted and the depth of assimilation of the educational contents learnt.

The quality of education imparted depends on the quality of the teachers and the set of monitoring and evaluation placed upon the education process. This is the work of the teachers and the government as the regulatory body.

The assimilation process on the other hands depends on inherent motivations and understanding of some core principles of success by the students. This is where we are directly needed as GameChanger team.

Principles of effectiveness are adaptable from one area of life to another. The same principle holds for quality sportsmanship, social world, business, and job and even on education. This is why a high flying student would likely grow into a high flying achiever in the future.

So this content is all about being effective and result oriented person irrespective of the subjects, course or future goals. Therefore, the lesson learnt in this material will continue to be relevant year-in-year-out and will also be the foundation for their future endeavour once the right habits are formed as will be assimilated from this book.


The modules will run using: Interactive method, storytelling and presentation style for teaching:

  1. 5 Minutes as introduction or starter presentation
  2. 5Minutes as story presentation
  3. 20Minutes for presentation
  4. 15minutes for activities
  5. Questions and answers


Man is created to naturally want more: aspire more and grow more. Irrespective of who you are now, it is healthy to want to become better. But leaning on unproductive life of vices negates the idea of growing to become more. A child who preferred to be lazy, vicious or bad has the wrong leaning. At the depth of even the seemingly worst child is the heart cry to rise to the top. It is our desire that you will also find new dreams and be awake to the greatness calling for expression in you. This is our expectation for you.

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