Nigerian workforce is not performance oriented on the average. This culture of non-performance is what has contributed to low productivity output and directly impacting on the growth and development of our economy.

Every employer’s dream is to get high performers to do his job; unfortunately, our levels of performance skills have bereaved many organizations for high flying employees. We hope this program will raise a labour force that operates at the alpha level: that should be you.

This is one of the reasons for creating this manual as a training guide for the workforce irrespective of the nature or type of job he or she is into. It is also a program for job seekers because it will give them the edge and a head start on the job as they understand how the workplace looks.

Understanding of the workplace, the guiding principles and requirements of every job help employees tend to perform better. Trainings in these areas would help organizations to reach their goals much easily.

An organization is only as good as its workforce; the quality of goods and services provided by an organization is proportional to the quality of the workers.

Principles of effectiveness are adaptable from one job to the other. This is why a high flying employee would perform equally well on any other job of which he has requisite set of skills for. So this training is all about being effective and result oriented person irrespective of the job you are into.

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