Over the years diverse and several intervention programs had been designed by government, corporate organizations, religious bodies and individuals to bring changes and transformation into the nation. We need to appreciate those whose efforts are of sincere hearts and purposes.

Although we are yet to be where we ought to be, those efforts together had taken us so far. Without noble efforts as such, the nation would have been worse for it: lives have been preserved, civil wars checked and unrest nipped in the bud. If there be any reprieve or rest, it is for the sake of these relentless efforts.

We need to applaud the efforts of these men and women who so believe in the future of Nigeria above the general sentiments around them. On their shoulders rest the dawn of a new era, when the nation will rise majestically in prominence in the comity of nations as we become the center of a new world;with civilized culture, transformed laws, customs and values that uphold growth and development of our realms.

We should be humbled by those great efforts, many of which are not seen by many of us. Some did these at the backside, in hunger and wants believing and stretching, hoping and wanting for the days ahead when songs of comfort will break forth from every lip: I know some of them. In this labour, some have died, yet others remain strong and steady. Together, they are the heroes on the sidelines.

You may not be known or celebrated, but I can tell you, God holds you in high esteem as a repairer of breaches and a builder of nation. I say unequivocally, may God bless you as you keep labouring for a greater Nigeria.

My own effort is like one of those unknown heroes of our nation. For some two decades ago I have had the panting and desire to see my country,Nigeria become great in every sense. Ever since, I have been busy in one capacity or the other on the project Nigeria. But all my efforts were also from the minor.

In the year 2009, I conceptualized a thought of national rebirth and rebranding: “I AM THE CHANGE NIGERIA NEEDS”, which has begun to gain momentum and recognition.

My belief is that the individuals have the power to bring changes to Nigeria. Clusters of individual efforts coming together build a nation.

Along the line a political party in Nigeria picked “Change” as their party slogan. Then I wanted to rest my oars but after a while, I realized that their concept of change was not exactly what I conceptualized, so my team began work again. This was year 2015 AD.

In the process of time, I saw a course program by The World Bank Group titled: Citizens Engagement, the Game Changer for Development? Going through the course program, I saw very much similarity to the concept of change designed in The Real Change Nigeria Needs project. Upon the completion of the course, my artefact and the sum of my project was scored to be among the best. The change project submission strongly pushed me to score distinction at the end of the course. The World Bank Group assessors recommended that the model be translated into a national intervention program, and a particular assessor believed that its usefulness could serve as a template for nations in quest of meaningful transform.

The same concept is hitherto elaborated into a book to serve the needs of hundreds, thousands and millions who might be looking for a model upon which to build a transformation ideology.

I want to believe that this book will serve you and will be of vital usefulness as you become the change the world needs.

You are the change!


World Bank Certificate of Distinction

The slide version of the artifact can be viewed at this link:
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