Slides – Chapter 7

We have equal power because of our voting rights but by submitting it to the wrong candidates, we could lead our way to slavery.

If rigging is permitted or condoned in our elections, we have laid a wrong foundation that cannot offer great leadership delivery.

The extent to which rigging takes place will tell about what to expect in the coming days.

Ask yourself: How many times have you voted after a clear conscience for good governance, not minding ethnicity or religious difference.

The degree to which you condone bias in your decision tells of your sincere readiness for good governance

The essence of leadership is to steer society towards advancement. Virtue is a critical index to measure whether a leader will deliver or not.

If the leaders of our various institutions will stand for what is right, our nation will begin to give birth to quality leadership delivery.

No leader suddenly emerges except with the support of critical stakeholders. This is why the kind of leaders in a society is often never accidental.

Never to the path of ethnic or religious conflict. They are tools for dividing the masses for their gain.

Those who set us against one another eat at the same table.

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