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    The biggest problem of Nigeria is not corruption per se, and it is not ethnicity, tribalism or division and it is not even terrorism. Our biggest problem is our apathy to productivity; lacking in capacity to contribute meaningfully to the development of our ends. Productivity is the hub of development and growth of any nation, it should be a top priority and focus of any government that is sincere in giving quality state of living to her people.

    Productivity is the discipline of laboring to improve the state of things by being given to tasks that evolve into a better form, degree and output. Productivity helps to transform an individual, people and nation. Productivity is what pushes the stone aged man from living in the thick forest as barbarian into the present civilized form; this civilization has given man saner society with unparalleled infrastructures and easier life than the previous generations.

    Every day, the rest of the world is adding new beauty to the world we are living in. The mind of man is creating better ways of governance. Technology through human ingenuity is improving lives. It has affected food production, housing, transportation, communication and has further improved virtually every area of human endeavour. The productive minds make the world a better place to dwell in.

    We might be happy to be in the world to enjoy all these opportuunities. The question that should unsettle us is this: How relevant are we to these changes? What is our contribution to the improvements we see? What is our contribution in evolving better governance in the world? What do we give back in exchange to the immense technologies imported to us in Africa?

    It is act of irresponsibility when a grown up man go to his neighbor eat and wipe his mouth only to appear next day knocking for more. The mature and responsible farmer when given bread will look for yam or cassava to give back.

    If Nigeria and the leadership want to become responsible, they must begin to think of what to give productively to the rest of the world. This is the only way we can improve bilateral relationships with nations, gain their respect and ushered into prominence as a key nation.

    Pleasure Without Labour Leads To Slavery

    Nothing enslaves a man like the propensity to get things done to him free of charge. The desire to have things for free has enslaved us in many ways.

    We are spiritually enslaved when we think our moral bankruptcy can be relegated and without consequence. It is lack of wisdom to think that we can act against the law of justice and still have peace. Our spiritual wholeness begins when we realize that doing things right is the bedrock of every desirable transformation we will ever need. Spiritual slavery begins when we lack morality attuned toward good work. The natural world is designed in such a way that we cannot get anything for nothing; there is a price to greatness whether spiritually or physically.

    In politics, Nigeria will continue to recycle bad leaders until it costs us our (personal) money, time and efforts to get credible people up there. As long as we still yield to take gifts from politicians we will continue to be blinded and bias in our choice of who leads us. There is no free money. Once you are used to taking money from politicians before you vote them into power, then never expect or dream of quality leaders around.

    In the same light, Nigeria will never be free from the clutches of poverty if we continue to be the recipients of aids and supports from the rest of the world. Strong nations give, weak nations receive. In the same light, a nation that tilts towards consumerism is tending towards poverty. No policy formulation or government intervention programs will be capable of saving a consumer oriented society.

    This is why every society that wants to kiss greatness must become productive in every sense of it. To desire greatness without equal sacrifice towards being productive is like having clouds without rain. Every effort that would bring a backward society into prominence must start with being productive.

    Why not be critical enough as we confront the truth, this is the only means to sincerely transform the nation. Go to the average standard homes, more than ninety of the appliances are imported goods. Many of our factory tools are imported so are the technologies by which we run our smallest businesses. If overnight, the rest of the world agree to stop the flow of their aids and technology, can we survive even for a moment? We need to reflect deeply on this.

    We cannot keep the consumerist spirit and expect to be free. Without our own technology, inventions and reserved funds we will continue to play the second fiddle in the comity of nations.
    The much touted fight against corruption is good but it will not be a long win without visiting the foundational problem, moving from a society that wants free things to a nation that is vitally productive in all sectors.

    The Idle Mind

    The idle mind is said to be the workshop of the devil. When a man is not engage in productive ventures he will get himself occupied with low and ordinary activities which usually are inimical to his wellbeing and the society.

    Unproductive people are often sullen, lacking in morale and habitually frustrated or depressed. They often don’t have reasons for being alive, so they don’t have much at stake. This is why they are easily engaged in nefarious activities such as robbery, hooliganism and terrorism.

    Most of the end tools of terrorism are unleashed by jobless, idle and low status people. When one has nothing at stake, he is an easy tool for evil mercenaries.

    Once a society becomes productive and the individuals in it are engaged; crime naturally abate. A productive society does not breed crimes. Therefore, there is a strong correlation between crime and joblessness.

    The Light Versus Darkness Analogy

    Darkness is what you have when there is no light. Put on the light and you have the darkness disappeared. Most of what we refer to as national problems indicate the absence of a fundamental. When a society becomes productive, most of its challenges automatically disappears. When a society is not productive, it is like having the light of that nation goes off so vices (darkness) takes over.

    Corruption does not grow unilaterally; it appears because something is missing. When people don’t want to sweat but want the good life, they generally create corrupt channels to satisfy their needs. Lack of productivity makes us seek rewards without input. We want greatness without responsibility and money without work.

    Subsidy, government interventions, largesse, unmerited appointments and malpractices are some ways we often employ to want to things free. The more a society is inclined as such, the more they kill the productive spirit of the citizens.

    The average citizen has the entitlement mentality. Such citizens believe that Nigeria is there to serve them, while they don’t think on why they must serve the nation. This rubs off on every sector of the nation. This is the beginning of our problem as a people as everyone, tribe, people and religion look out for how to take advantage of the others.

    It is the other way round for a productive people and society; they often work hard seeking for avenue to give to the world.

    The important task should be: How do we marshal the populace into a synchronized force to deliver the good needed? This should begin with a new mindset, a shift in the way we think and this will affect the core of our thinking.

    No nation of the world will prioritize the development of another nation. They will always give out from their leftovers. No economic bailout has ever been enough to ease a nation’s needs this is why if there is anything a nation ought to do; it is to raise productive citizens.

    Finally, the paradigm shift should move towards becoming a productive society and we will look back and realize that the many challenges of our society will be gone just as easily light replaces darkness.

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