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    Nonviolence is the emerging alternative for settling differences based on the power of truth and love by using dialogues and peaceful demonstration.

    Great leaders opt in for nonviolent means to settle disputes while ruthless ones go violent; so it applies to individuals and citizens. Superior warfare tactic is to stop war before it ever started or issues get degenerated (saying same thing in different words), while ordinary folks vent their full anger but seek recourse only after the full cycle of mayhem and war had been completed.

    If you are for truth and love, you will avoid violence by all means by seeking equity and justice not minding which side of the divide you find yourself. Abraham Lincoln was on the stronger side of the divide being a white man, but the strong impressions on his conscience for equity and justice led him to free the slaves and abolish slavery in America. It was not the popular opinion then but history has vindicated him and generations after salute his courage to do the right thing.

    Violence is an offshoot of irrepressible hatred for others. If you can find love within you will not want anyone hurt as you press for what is due you. On this note, I will like to state that violence as a nature is the manifestation of the lower man which seeks for the interest of certain individuals or groups at the expense of others. Such irrepressible hatred was what led to Adolf Hitler’s mass murder of the Jews spurned through his Nazi regime (The Third Reich).

    Violence in whatever form destroys and damages the existing good structure on which a society is built. Wildness is not the way of the advance man and anyone seeking for expression by violence is only bowing to his animal nature and not to his superior form. The truth is: violence in all its form is a cover up for weakness and not strength; strong people don’t destroy instead they build and make the world a better place for all.

    If we all understand that we are all brothers and sisters here on earth we would refrain from violence – everyman is related to every other person somewhere down the genealogy line. Thus if some weak politicians from nowhere is trying to create divides let us rise up and tell them we are brothers and sisters. So we should begin to celebrate each other and not be too careful from what section a leader comes from. What we need is brotherliness in nationhood.

    No matter the perceived differences, the absolute truth is that we are brothers somewhere down the line. No matter the grievances we may have, love would overlook offences and seek for constructive means for settlement because brothers will sometime offend each other and still find a way to come together.

    Whosoever intends to recruit you as tool for violence has none of your interest at heart. If you have somebody like that around you, tell them to go and recruit their own children, siblings and parents; let those carry the guns, cutlasses, knives and armaments. If their family members are too sophisticated to engage in such brutality then you should know that they hate you and are daredevil masters. Tell them you are also too sophisticated for violence; slaves are sent out in the night to carry out odd jobs; you are an honourable citizen.
    The reality is that the evil geniuses of our primitive politics don’t ask their blood relation to lead the violence they created. Those who engage you in violent escapades don’t see you as their brother but a tool to be used and dumped. You must be a big fool to think that you are loved by these miscreants in politics and government because they offer you money when sent on violent suicidal mission. Such a leader has nothing to lose if you die, this is why he will shield his family but expose you.

    Those who seek for peace across the divides are those who really have the cord of brotherhood; find such, melt your differences and find common goals to pursue.

    One good reason why violence should be eschewed in our nation is this: we should see ourselves as highly exalted citizens and not common slaves; don’t make yourself a slave because someone is pushing you on the brink of old fashion ideology of hate. Come up higher, you are a citizen of a great nation, the biggest nation in the heart of Africa, the emerging pride of Africa. To be divided is to grow weaker and smaller. Let us drop those things that divide us; we are one.

    Note: We can inculcate art (music and movies) as a means to propagate preferred ideology. We should find a way to use the instrumentality of art to sell the newer truth of love and peace. People like Angelique Kidjo sang We Are One, Onyeka Owenu sang One Love Brings Us Together etc. other artists and film makers should follow suit and contribute to the labour of our heroes past.

    Mahatma Gandhi (Hindu) of India, Bishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela of South Africa were examples of men that promoted peace in their nations in times of crisis.

    Let men and women from Sokoto to Lagos, Aba to Ibadan, Calabar to Jos and to Bauchi drop their weapons of hate as we embrace one another in brotherliness in spite of diversity of religion, tribe, ethnicity or other perceived diversity. This can only be the basis for an emerging great nation and economy.

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