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    To all the youths in the struggle for Nigeria of our dream. An urgent attention for structured campaign and agitation.

    No doubt the youths are beginning to take their place in the development of our nation. In clear statement: they are taking over NOW.

    Yet nobody win without strategy. Not for a very long time. The leaders would rather have us continue on rampage without structure or strategies whatsoever. This will further position them to divide us on and on.

    Without strategies or structure the moles will creep in and devastate the little win we have achieved in the last few weeks through youths’ interventions.

    We cannot just keep vigil protesting. EndSARS is a beautiful launch pad for a new Nigeria yet there should be strategies and sequence in achieving the aims and objectives so much desired.

    Outside this, the whole activities will end in chaos and confusion.

    This is a critical time we all need to be proactive in our decisions in order to create beauty and progress instead of chaos.

    In the meantime, we are calling all the youth organizations and groups with good intention to put a hold on this protest as we forge a new line of action: structuring all our requests, aspirations and agitations in such a way that we would prevent anarchy and confusion.

    This is the only way we can tell the elders to pave way for us. That is, in our ability to self-govern our self. Any other means of sustaining the present agitations without proper structures will belittle the urgent task of salvaging the mess we have been plunged into by recent governments in the nation.

    Key areas to look critically at:

    1. Except there’s a way to sack the incumbent leaders, the present leaders cannot give us all the requests and yearnings as they prop up. What they don’t have they cannot give. There is little they can do beyond what they have done already. Leadership is about capacity. So the need to look beyond them and look inward. Our destiny is in our hands.

    2. There should be need to go back to the drawing board and map out true takeover through electoral process. EndSARS is divine orchestration and has evolved to lead us to the redefinition of the new Nigeria we anticipate. Yet we need to sit and make plans for our eventual takeover.

    3. This called for structures in leadership among the youths and the concerned groups. This will require aggregation and collaborations among the youths and affiliated groups in the ongoing agitation. Therefore, we expect registration of youth organizations and affiliates who want to join us in continuous pressing for all the worthwhile demands that has been identified in the course of the struggle.

    4. This calls for guiding documents and papers for safe delivery. This should be made available in few days to come without hesitation. Without documents, declarations, and entrenched purpose, we wouldn’t go far. The youth body across Nigeria will make this ready as a guide for all the pressing needs in actualizing the yearning of the masses.

    5. A time like this calls for reeducation of ourselves in achieving the kind of nation we want. If we don’t actually know what we want we will embrace a shrouded “change” again and again.

    6. Then we must begin to raise the kind of leaders who will deliver.

    7. Then we are to field these new generation for 2023 elections.

    This also is a statement that it’s the right time for the elders to stay on the sideline and mentor us. It’s time we learn the art of governance and statesmanship as the younger generation. It’s not to the glory of the elders to lead us into their own grave without successors.

    At the same time, we cannot achieve a quick fix if we are sincere about raising a new society we would be proud of. For the development we seek starts with our orientations as youths and people. Correct orientation requires rigorous drilling and self examination. So we would have a department for orientation and capacity development.

    We have to do it better. We would do it better.

    We hope that as this first phase of agitation comes to an end it will open us up for the mainstream activities for true national rebirths and restructuring.

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